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It’s all in the detail ....

like only using anti scratch wash methods alongside pure water systems to pre clean and rinse paintwork and using safe ozone technology to deliver a fully sanitised internal finish without using any harsh chemicals. We only use the best products on the market with no compromises.

Based in Cheltenham, we are mobile across Cheltenham, Gloucester & Tewkesbury areas we are founded on extensive, specialist, detail cleaning experience.

Car Valeting & Detailing Service

what is a ‘pure water system’?

To make totally Pure Water we pump normal tap or rain water slowly through a system of de-mineralising resins and micro filters that remove all hard water deposits to ensure 100% pure water. During the rinsing process no detergents or chemicals are used, the process is environmentally friendly, therefore leaves no soapy residues or smears that attract fresh dirt back on to the vehicle. This means your car can stay cleaner for longer.

We believe this system provides a safer, eco-friendlier service that helps preserve and protect your vehicles for longer.


Prices can vary depending on vehicle condition and attention required. Prices start from smaller size vehicles.

Car Size
Honda Jazz
Audi A3
VW Passat
X Large
Range Rover
Mini Valet£35£45£50£55
Full Valet£50£70£80£90
Exterior Valet (Full)£20£30£35£40
Interior Valet (Full)£35£45£50£50
Pet Hair (Extra)£10£10£10£10

Mini Valet

(Time required up to 2 hours)

Full Valet

(Time required up to 4 hours)


Full Interior Valet

This valet is specially designed to deal with interior stains, dirt & odours